Friday, January 20, 2012

DailyGammon New Server Tourneys -- Update

We are still waiting for a winner in the Novice Division, but other tournament winners have been -- or are being -- contacted to select their prizes. We held four tournaments to help celebrate (and raise funds/awareness of) DailyGammon's New Servers. We supplied several prizes -- and were able to obtain a few other prizes. Please click here for more information about the Tournaments and Prizes.

Below are the categories for each of the four tournaments. The tournaments were five-point matches except for the Beginner Level -- which were one-point matches.

Beginner (< 1400) -- Champion: "house of dogs." Finalist: "Jo King."

Novice (< 1600)

Intermediate (< 1950) -- Champion: "brodster." Finalist: "blue-duke"

Advanced -- Champion: "stratton." Finalist: "bomale"