Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gammon Tip -- Free BG Mini-Lessons

We made a post that mentioned the GNU bot at DG. This can be a great tool to practice and improve in backgammon. However, some people would rather play against a human and/or receive some instruction on how to play.

If you would like to receive some free instruction at DG, please send an "invite" for a "friendly game" to "Carl James." ALL WE ASK in return is that you use our Amazon links (or other affiliate links when you make purchases from Amazon.

If you would like more than just some friendly tips -- and would like lessons -- just communicate with Carl James on DailyGammon who will arrange for lessons at reasonable rates -- where proceeds benefit a non-profit.

You can ask us questions about positions or why we made certain moves along the way. We'll also give comments in interesting positions or key moments in a game along the way. AND if you would like more -- or less -- commentary, just say the word :)

Our staff includes some high-intermediate to advanced players so most players can benefit or at least have fun with this. DG's top players are welcome to give us a lesson :) It's all fun, right?

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