Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Book - "Maximum Backgammon"

One of our contributors, came out with a backgammon book called, "Maximum Backgammon." It is selling well at Amazon (in its category) -- and has good reviews. The author, Carl James, says that he wanted to help people "maximize their backgammon game, in the minimum amount of (study) time."

The book is purposely kept short; the author says that this was done intentionally because he "wanted readers to know they could improve their overall games without committing a ton of time." Many pages have two backgammon board charts -- so that we think the book could have easily been over one hundred pages.

The book seems like it should help players of all levels from the novice to intermediate and even some advanced players. The book is available at Amazon (free shipping over $25 orders) as well as from the publisher -- at BCDadvisor's e- store at a discount (click on "Selected Titles;" shipping charges apply).

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