Saturday, January 8, 2011

6-4 Opening Roll

One interesting tidbit and tip -- is the opening move of 6-4. Some players will prefer different moves -- and depending on the match score and match equity -- other opening moves may be preferred. However, for many cases, Carl James, the author of, "Maximum Backgammon" prefers to make the two-point.
  • The two-point (8-2, 6-2) makes a point in your home board, albeit a bit far forward. "Home points," or points in your home board are very valuable (they help block your opponent from coming of the bar). This play is preferred in many cases.
  • Running the back runner (24-14) is not preferred; it gives your opponent a "hit shot" which can put you immediately behind in the race.
  • Moving a runner 6 and dropping a builder from the mid-point is a solid play as well. (24-18, 13-9). The "blot" is only open to an "indirect shot."

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