Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DailyGammon New Server Tourneys: links, notes

Here are links to the DailyGammon New Server Tournaments. The Advanced & Intermediate tournaments filled up rather quickly. We have additional prizes that we will blog about -- and perhaps we will open up one more tournament...

http://dailygammon.com/bg/event/31851 Intermediate (suggested rating less than 1950)

http://dailygammon.com/bg/event/31853 Beginner (less than 1400)

Notes to self (Re: DG tournaments)
  • These tournaments were all set up for 6 rounds (64 players).
  • The Advanced and Intermediate tournaments filled up rather quickly.
  • The Novice & Beginner tournaments currently have 31 and 13 signups respectively (1 day).
  • Thus, we can probably either expand the Advanced/Intermediate ratings or make those tournaments larger in the future.

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