Saturday, January 22, 2011

DailyGammon New Server Tournaments - by Level

Be on the lookout for DailyGammon New Server tournaments -- with prizes!

We would like entrants to donate to the DailyGammon New Server fund -- but it's not necessary. We just want to get the word out about the new server -- and celebrate DailyGammon as one of the best backgammon websites around!

Tournament entry (both for the new server donation and the level of tournament you enter (this may be automated)) is on the "honor system." Please enter just one tournament.

Prizes: "DailyGammon baseball cap" for each of the 3 (maybe 4) tournament winners.

Four tournament levels (suggested levels for each tournament):
  • Advanced (greater than 1950)
  • Intermediate (1600-1950)
  • Novice (less than 1600)
  • Beginner (less than 1400).
Tournament details:
  • 5-point matches (Beginner tourney may be one-pointers)
  • Time -- 200+4; 48 hr grace
  • Number of entries: 128 or 256 (TBD)
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More info soon.

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